Pedlar’s Certificate

 This Pedlar’s certificate, issued at Spalding, Lincolnshire on 25 May 1950, certified that Eva Hewett was authorised to act as a pedlar in the UK for 1 year. On the back of the certificate are listed the pedlar’s duties, requiring the holder to produce the document on request to any of the following persons:

  1. Any Justices of the Peace; or
  2. Any Constable or Officer of the Police; or
  3. Any person to whom such pedlar offers his goods for sale; or
  4. Any person in whose private grounds or premises such pedlar is found.

The sale of goods was a thread that ran through the whole of the Gypsy employment spectrum, with pedlars going door to door selling wares including artificial flowers, pegs, home made brushes and brooms, crockery and pots and pans. Many pedlars offered other services, repairing items or telling fortunes, with Eva Hewett listing her trade as both pedlar and palmist.

One comment on “Pedlar’s Certificate

  1. […] Museum of East Anglian Life in Stowmarket holds a certificate issued at Spalding in May 1950 to one Eva Hewett, licensing her to act as a pedlar for one year: […]

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